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Voice notes


All inclusive with our Premium plan, use our Voice Notes App to record audio and save transcripts with timestamps to Notion. Each transcript also comes with a summary, and logged as an entry on a Notion calendar which can be integrated with Google calendar. 

We turn the voice notes into your travel blogs and publish as a free Notion website. Option to customize your Notion website with your own URL is available.

Note-taking made easy

This easy to use app features a mobile recorder and backend automation that uses OpenAI Whisper Speech to Text for transcription, GPT4 for classification and Notion workflow.


No downloads: App will be connected to a free Notion account, and published for free as Notion website. 

App download: You can request for ADK file to download onto your android mobile phone and use voice notes app in private. 

Customize For Your Notion Site

For privacy purposes, this personal note-taking app is the most secure and fastest way to take notes, transcribe and display as text for a summary and full transcription, as well as to automatically create logs onto a Notion calendar.