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How Trip-Planner Works

Your Local Guide: WanderGuide is designed to help travelers make the most of their trips by providing personalized itinerary suggestions, location information, and real-time updates on activities and events in your chosen destination. Useful links and maps are provided for self-booking. Exploring a new city, going on a weekend getaway, or planning a vacation? WanderGuide is your go-to companion for a memorable and hassle-free experience. Travel the world at your own pace with bespoke audio guides.

How We Do It Better: WanderGuide uses AI technology to understand users’ preferences, interests, and current location to offer tailored recommendations. Find out what’s near your location, what the weather is like, or just have a conversation about what you’re planning for the day. We are here for you.

Audio and Other Media: Access responsive maps to play your bespoke audio guides, get directions to each location, along with public transportation options and estimated travel times. Our app also sends notifications for any last-minute changes or new events that match your interests.

Co-share Your Subscription: We make it easy to discover and explore chosen destinations, filled with exciting activities and events. Share your account with family and friends who are on your trip, so they can access your bespoke guides at any time.