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#1 - Search for itinerary ideas

Discover new destinations, ask questions, create itineraries of where you want to go

#2 - Your own WanderGuide

Let our team plan your travels with audio guides, hotel and sightseeing recommendations

#3 - Co-share with anyone

Fixed plans that give you what you need and lets you take anyone else on for the ride

#4 - WanderGuide Specialist 24/7

Talk to your own travel specialist via private messaging in your profile app

#5 - Interactive maps

Once your itinerary is ready, your bespoke audio guides are embedded onto an interactive map

#6 - Listen, get directions

Use the map to get directions as you listen to your bespoke guides made for you

How Maps Work

Step 1 - Access your itinerary map on your phone or web browser
Step 2 - Click on the map to find your current location
Step 3 - Click on the ‘directions’ icon to get the best route to any marker from your current location
Step 4 - Click on the headphone icon to access your bespoke audio guide at each destination
Step 5 - Click on the circle icon image to view more information about the attraction or place of interest
Step 6 - How to see street views: On the top right corner of the map, locate the ‘yellow figure’ icon, hold and drag the icon to where you want to go - street view perspective will appear on the map on release
Step 7 - To get nearby recommendations, select places or landmarks in the dropdown menu - to display quick searches and get directions on a map

Why Audio Guides?

Fluid Exploration: Say goodbye to flipping through guidebooks or searching for internet connectivity. Our audio guides provide a fluid, uninterrupted journey, enhancing your connection to each location.

Enhanced Engagement: Immerse yourself in captivating stories that go beyond facts. Our guides are designed to keep you engaged, curious, and excited throughout your trip.

Freedom and Flexibility: Explore at your own pace. Our audio guides offer the ultimate flexibility so you’ll have complete control over your travel narrative.

Local Insights: Unearth the hidden gems and local insights that make each destination special. Our tailored guides provide insider knowledge that only locals possess.

Memorable Souvenirs: Our audio guides are more than companions during your trip; they’re souvenirs you can revisit whenever you want to relive your travel memories.

Efficiency: No more flipping through guidebooks or searching online for information. Our guides provide instant, relevant insights at your fingertips.

No Language Barriers: Our audio guides and maps are available in over 200+ languages, breaking down language barriers and making travel more accessible.