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Best Things to See and Do on this Balearic Island

Camí de Cavalls

After a few hours of taking in the vistas, it’s time to get out and about. The island of Minorca is encircled by a walking-and-biking path known as Camí de Cavalls. In Santo Tomás, the path is pristinely laid along its entire coastline and, heading west, provides a coastal bliss straight-shot to two of the island’s most prized calas (or coves), Cala Binigaus and Cala Escorxada. Each features its own version of white sand beaches and dramatic cliff inlets. From town, it’s an approximately 3-mile walk to Cala Escorxada, with Cala Binigaus along the way.

Monte Toro

Following your coastal excursion, it’s time to venture into the mountains. A 20-minute drive north of Santo Tomás, you’ll find the highest peak on the entire island, Monte Toro (pictured above). Measuring 1,175 feet, it’s more of a hill than a mountain, nonetheless it’s visible from miles away. Atop it, there is a quaint white chapel, coffee shop, and coin-operated lookout binoculars. The peak is relatively flat and paved, so you’ll only need an hour or so to explore.

Torre de Fornells

Close your first day with a trip to the northern coastal town of Fornells, just 20 minutes’ drive north of Monte Toro. Congratulations—you’ve arrived at the northern coast. That’s right: You’re seeing the north and south coasts of the island on the very first day. Fornells’ most iconic landmark is the Torre de Fornells, a defense tower built by the British in the early 1800s to protect the harbor. The stone-and-mortar tower is the largest of its kind on the island. If you just so happen to be there at sunset, the historical vibe under the oft-orange skyscape will not disappoint.