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Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo, the World’s Biggest Harry Potter Exhibit, Just Opened—Explore Inside

The tour heads outdoors as well. Stumbling across a life-sized replica of the Dursleys’ No. 4 Privet Drive, complete with a gnome-dotted lawn and hanging baskets, seems surreal, but wait until you step inside. Visitors can check out the cupboard in which a young Harry was forced to sleep and they can explore the cluttered kitchen, complete with overflowing sink and the remains of a Sunday lunch scattered across the countertop. One standout, just like at London’s exhibition, is an incredibly detailed model of Hogwarts you’ll see towards the end of the tour, complete with glowing windows, ornate brickwork, and miniature pine trees.

Cupcakes may be served in the Great Hall, but the Backlot Café, which is located approximately halfway through the walking tour, is just as spectacular. Offerings give a taste of British pub food in the heart of Japan, including a Forbidden Forest Salad, Gryffindor Plate (roast beef), Hufflepuff Plate (roast chicken), Ravenclaw Plate (fish pie) and Slytherin Plate (sausages and mashed potatoes), all served on color-coordinated tableware and garnished with house flags. And, of course, there’s plenty of Butterbeer on offer. At the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo, there’s only the liquid version available, although visitors can snack on special Butterbeer popcorn, too.