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The Best Cruise Lines with Solo Cabins (and the Best Cruises for Singles)

It used to cost a small fortune if you wanted a cruise cabin to yourself, as you were basically paying the price for two people. 

But then solo cruising became one of the hottest trends in travel. 

Indeed, Google searches for “solo cruises” by U.S. users have recently more than doubled

“I’ve seen an increase year after year in the solo travel community, especially among single females,” says Shelby Frenette, a solo travel expert and manager of the TravelFun.Biz agency, which caters to singles. “Their desire to travel is so strong that most major cruise lines are starting to design their ships with solo occupancy cabins to accommodate this growing population.”

Most importantly, they’re pricing these cabins for individual travelers. And they’re also waiving or reducing the dreaded “single supplement” fee, which charges vacationers for two full cruise fares even when they stay alone in a double-occupancy room. That supplementary cost can be a budget-busting 100% more.

But it’s not just affordability that defines a good cruise. To help lone travelers feel welcome on board, cruise lines are also rolling out additional opportunities for them to meet other singles at exclusive receptions, get-togethers, and group dining just for solo cruisers.

Unfortunately, demand still outstrips supply on most of these lines, so if you want one of these special rooms, you have to book early, and you should always make sure you’re getting a special single-cabin rate and not paying a single supplement to stay in a room categorized as a double.

Based on price, cabin options, and a solo-friendly environment, here are 10 lines that are now offering smoother sailing for cruisers traveling alone or who want a private room. 

(Pictured above: a specially designed Studio cabin on the Norwegian Epic)

Cruise lines with solo accommodations