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Frommer’s Best Places to Go in 2024

The long saga of life on Earth frequently goes through rough spots in the narrative, but even in the story’s darkest passages, bright spots always abound. The world is as wide as it ever was, and it’s still brimming with positive things worth discovering and celebrating. 

The human drive to venture to new places, meet people who live differently, and learn to understand them remains crucial to our collective future, perhaps now more than ever.

We travelers seem to know this deep down, because our drive to wander also seems stronger than ever. A recent survey by Allianz Partners found that 61% of people intended to take a vacation before the end of 2023—the highest level reported since 2010. 

Yet we’re not traveling with the same abandon. We’re being more thoughtful. Just as our post-pandemic euphoria peaked, uneven economic times took hold, reflected in an October 2023 survey by Bankrate that found 77% of travelers were adjusting future plans due to higher costs. 

This year, Frommer’s selections for the Best Places to Go combine our growing hunger for fresh discovery, balanced with a rising need for affordability and accessibility. Frommer’s authors, researchers, and staffers around the globe have selected destinations that shine in our time and are expecting rising fortunes in 2024.

Whether it’s forging new inroads to previously isolated attractions, marking milestones in sustainability or cultural heritage, or basking in a previously denied spotlight, each destination on our Best Places to Go list could play a pivotal role in our shifting travel sensibilities in 2024. 

Even in unsettled times, we can and must find ways to build a more positive future. Our Best Places don’t just represent the best in the world—they show us how to make the best of our world. As long as we’re still curious enough to travel, there’s hope.

Here, in no particular order, are the Best Places to Go in 2024.