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Caribbean Cruise Ports Where a Resort Day Pass Could Be Your Best Bet

March 28, 2024

If you’re a frequent cruiser, chances are you’re going to visit a few cruise ports in the Caribbean more than once. And even if it’s a new-to-you port of call, the town may not offer much to see or do, and the cruise line’s shore excursions on offer may be pricey or uninspiring, especially if you’re not into snorkeling, ATV rides, or bus tours. 

Another concern you might have: the recent rise in crime in some ports in the Caribbean. If you typically prefer to wander off the ship on your own, you might want to rethink how to spend your day, for safety’s sake. 

You can always choose to stay on the ship during port days (after all, that’ll give you a chance to enjoy what’s on board with less competition), but there is another option to consider: Purchase a day pass at a resort. 

A day pass lets you relax by the beach or a hotel pool—no tour bus involved. Some properties give day visitors discounts on dining and drinks, and some resorts have their own water parks to keep the kids occupied. 

You can find day passes for purchase at websites like ResortPass and Resort for a Day. Some properties sell day passes directly on their own sites, too. Make sure you compare prices before buying. 

Here are 10 ports of call where going the resort pass route makes the most sense.

Pictured above: Nassau, Bahamas